First Time Mortgage
Commercial Mortgages
Commercial mortgage applications require a greater number of compliance points to be met than a residential application. Nevertheless, establishing and following a specific set of time lines will lead to a successful enterprise transaction. Call me if you have any questions on commercial mortgages.
Acquiring a mortgage for the first time typically indicates a milestone in ones life. It can be exciting, yet nevertheless at the same time it can be intimidating. Ensuring clients an effective strategy that simplifies their choice of a mortgage plan will help to reduce the stress that can accompany the transition time to possession.
Cottage Mortgages
Mortgage Renewals
Cottage mortgage requirements can vary with such things as region, municipality, location to fire department services and whether you have a fire place or wood stove. These are not prohibitive issues but do require a level of expertice that I have have been exposed to.
Please call me for best rates and advice and my mortgage packages I offer include a 'cottage warming' gift of a bottle of wine and a fishing rod as I know that this is typically a milestone purchase and deserves celebration.
Mortgage renewals can occur at times driven by mortgage agreements or as a good business decision in terms of gaining better interest rates even though there may be time left in the contract. I am happy to review any condition of mortgage renewal in order to give you a financial advantage.
Reifinancing can be driven by many reasons. The common denominator is related to a client's desire to optimize financial stability. This is an area where I have accumulated significant experience. I am anxious to work for you to find the best rates and conditions to normalize your  financial objectives in life.